Edit AZW4 Metadata

Hadbomb is a browser-based file metadata editor providing you with a one-stop solution for all your needs. We hope to organise your file system and to make it work more efficiently and effectively with digital documents. With this tool, you can edit metadata properties of an AZW4 file for free.


quality conversions

We produce high quality conversions with our open sourced based algorithms and continually optimize to provide the bet possible experience

multiple formats

convert files in multiple formats(20+) with our secure tool, many more formats and features are coming soon

privacy matters

Our servers are highly secure and no one else can access your files except you. We also delete all the uploaded files every 12 hours.

custom options

Our tool allows you to upoad 5 files at once with each being 25MBs maximum. Each file type has its own custom options to choose from.

about AZW4

The AZW4 file format is used by the Amazon Kindle e-book reader which is an application used to hold digital textbooks. It is built on the MOBI digital publishing standard and is DRM-restricted to prevent unlawful use of the files. The data stored in an AZW4 file is encrypted. So, the user needs the right license key in order to access the information. Windows and Mac users can access an AZW4 file with Calibre or Amazon Kindle for PC. Linux users can access the file by using Calibre. Users can also use other methods such as data cables or email to transfer the files.

how to use

Step 1 :Select the file type you want to edit by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Step 2 :Upload the file by clicking on the upload button or you can also drag & drop them to the upload area.

Step 3 :Following that, a container will be shown below where you can manage all your files, Below each file is a drop-down arrow, when clicked, opens the metadata editing section.

Step 4 :All the metadata fields for that file will be shown inside the editor which can be changed according to your requirements.

Step 5 :The "Delete all metadata" option allows users to erase all of their metadata; as a result, all of the choices will be disabled and the metadata will be deleted.

Step 6 :After making the necessary modifications to the metadata, click on the “download files” button which will take you to the download page where you can download your edited file.

Note :

1) You can upload up to 5 files at once, with each file having a maximum size of 50 MB.

2) Users also have access to a feature that lets you upload files, remove them, and then upload additional files as required.