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✅ HD Quality Images

View the best quality profile pictures of your favorite facebook account using out fast online tool.

🔒 Protected Accounts

With our free tool, You can also download profile photos of protected or private accounts on Facebook.

🖼️ Cover Photo

You can view both the display picture and cover photo of that particular profile using Hadbomb's free Facebook profile

🫣 Hidden Privacy

Using our tool you can view the protected images without being friends on facebook or letting anyone know.

How to Use




Find Profile URL

Go to facebook.com and search for the profile you want to view. Now look for the URL of that profile on top of your browser.

Paste and click

Now paste the URL of the profile in the input box of our tool and press the orange button below that says “View Profile Photo”.

Download or View

Upon clicking the button, you will shown the Profile picture of the account. You can either download or view it.

Video Tutorial

about this tool

Hadbomb's Facebook profile picture viewer is free utility tool with the help of which users can download or view profile pictures / cover photo of all public, private & protected accounts.

Note: We do not store any images on our servers, All images that are shown on the website are public in nature.

what users say

Jessica M.

[email protected]

I've been using the Facebook profile picture viewer from Hadbomb, and it's been incredibly helpful! It lets me easily see high-quality profile pictures that are publicly available. Great tool for checking out the latest profile updates!

Hadbomb's profile picture viewer is a game changer. I use it to keep up with the profile picture changes of my favorite public accounts. It's user-friendly, fast, and provides a clear view of the pictures. Highly recommended!

As a designer, I find inspiration in various profile pictures on Facebook. Thanks to Hadbomb's viewer, I can explore different profile images for creative ideas. It's a useful tool for anyone seeking visual inspiration.

I've tried a few profile picture viewer tools, and Hadbomb's stands out. It's efficient and hassle-free. Being able to enlarge and study public profile pictures has been handy for me, especially for networking and connecting.

Sophia W.

[email protected]

Hadbomb's Facebook profile picture viewer has become a part of my social media routine. It's simple to use and works like a charm. I appreciate that it respects privacy by only showing publicly available pictures. Thumbs up!

Michael P.

[email protected]

I've been using Hadbomb's tool to view profile pictures for research purposes. It's been a valuable resource for my projects, allowing me to analyze profile images in detail. The tool is intuitive and delivers what it promises.