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Increase Image Size In KBs

Or Drop a File

*Max File Size - 5mb | Max Files - 15

Increase Image Size In KBs


✅ No Pixel Change

Increase size of an image in KBs without changing pixels or dimensions for free..

🚀 Fast & efficient

Our tool is completely free to use and offers speed & efficiency like no other in the current market.

🫣 Privacy Matters

Our servers are highly secure and no one else can access your files except you. We also delete all the uploaded files every 12 hours.

⚙️ Custom Options

Our tool allows you upload 15 files at once with each being 5MB maximum. You can individually increase the size of each uploaded image.

How to Use





Click on the “Upload image” button or drag & drop the image(s) for which you want to increase the size.


Use the slider or input box to enter the new image size in KBs, Image size can be increased by a maximum of 300%.


Click on “Increase Image Size” button after providing the new increased size, this will lead you to a screen where you can download the new image.

Video Tutorial

about this tool

Hadbomb's Image Size Increaser is a tool that you can use to increase the size of your image files(png/jpg/jpeg) in kilobytes without changing their resolutions.
This tool comes in handy whenever you encounter a website that requires a minimum file size for the images you upload.
This tool allows you to upload as many as 15 images at once. Note that each file must be less than 5 MB in size.

Note: The resolutions and dimensions of your image files DO NOT CHANGE after processing.


Q. Whether my data is safe of not? Is it stored on the server?

We at Hadbomb take user privacy very seriously, hence, no data is stored on our servers for longer than 12 hours. The personal files you upload on our server get renamed with a 32-letter randomized string, which leaves no way to track the file. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.

Q. How many images can I upload at once and what is the maximum allowed size for each?

15 images can be uploaded at once, each having a maximum size of 5MBs.

Q. Can I download the processed image files all at once in a zip format?

Yes, When you process mulitple images, you will be given an option to download then collectively as a ZIP file.

Q. Do my image dimensions also increase when I increase the size with hadbomb?

No, the quality and dimensions of the images you upload remain the same.

Q. Is hadbomb's image size increase tool free to use?

Yes, our image size increasor operates with no cost to the user.

Q. Can I increase the size of images by percentage?

Yes, you can increase the size of the image by percentage.

Q. Can I increase the size of images by specified kilobytes?

Yes, you can increase the size of the image in KBs as well.

what users say

Saniya Green

[email protected]

There are no other tools like it, Thank you for making this tool as it's really helpful in increasing the size of any image with a lot of customizations.

Allan Harrington

[email protected]

As a web designer, I'm constantly searching for fresh approaches to streamline my processes and raise the calibre of my output. I was curious when I learned about Hadbomb Increase Image. I chose to give this application a try because it claimed to expand the size of any image file without sacrificing quality. I was impressed!

Emilio Graves

[email protected]

The effects from uploading up to 15 images at once are remarkable. Hadbomb has never let me down when I've used it to enlarge photos for my blog and website. The method is really straightforward, and the image quality is always maintained.

Tristin Sanders

[email protected]

I've tried other software that claimed to increase the size of any image file, but none of them worked as well as this one. I was able to use Hadbomb to increase the size of a small image file by up to 400%. This allowed me to use images that I would not have been able to use before.

Sofia Lang

[email protected]

When I first started using Hadbomb, I was a bit skeptical. I had used other tools that claimed to be able to increase the size of an image without changing the pixels, but they never seemed to work as advertised. Hadbomb, however, is a different story. This free tool is incredibly easy to use and it really does increase the size of your images without changing the pixels.

Neveah Pollard

[email protected]

Hadbomb works incredibly well for both the size increases of photographs and illustrations that I've tried. You can batch process numerous files at once, which is a great time saver, and the UI is highly user-friendly.

Delilah Shannon

[email protected]

I tried Hadbomb to bulk upload and download files and it did not work in my case. The website was very user-friendly and the customer service was responsive, but the program just didn't work for me. I'm not sure if it's a glitch or if they don't have the right file formats

Pedro Mcintosh

[email protected]

I have found this feature to be very helpful, especially when I need to upload or download a large number of files. It saves me a lot of time and hassle. Overall, I'm quite happy with the features of the Hadbomb website.

Halle Pineda

[email protected]

I had a great experience using Hadbomb to increase the size of my images. The service is mobile-friendly and secure, and it was very easy to use.

Russell Evans

[email protected]

I had some issues downloading my images onto the website. The first time I tried, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to do it. Once I figured it out, it was a breeze

Ariella Rojas

[email protected]

I was looking for a free tool to help me increase the size of an image and I found Hadbomb. I was a little hesitant at first, but I decided to give it a try. The image was increased in size without losing any quality. I would recommend this tool to anyone looking to increase the size of an image.

Susan Hebert

[email protected]

I was a little bit apprehensive. I had heard that it could increase the size of your images, but I wasn't sure if it would actually work. After trying it out, though, I was pleasantly surprised. It was incredibly easy to use and my images did indeed become larger. Not only that, but the quality of the images remained intact - they didn't become grainy or blurry like I had feared they might.

Reid Rice

[email protected]

I have used it to increase the size of images on websites and it works great. I usually increase images by kilobytes when I am trying to make them larger, because it is easier to control how much larger they will be. Hadbomb makes it easy to do either.

Daniel Wilkerson

[email protected]

I used Hadbomb for a project and I absolutely love it! It helps you increase the size of any image file png, jpeg, jpg into your desired size. Plus, the quality of the images remains intact after you've increased their size.

Anshuman UNTSUNT

[email protected]

It's a free online photo resizer that is quick and easy to use. You simply upload the image you want to resize, select your desired output size and format, and click "resize." That's it! In my experience, Hadbomb does a great job of keeping the quality of the image intact while still allowing you to resize it as needed.