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Hadbomb is a browser-based file converter providing you with a one-stop solution for all your file conversion needs. We hope to organise your file system and to make it work more efficiently and effectively with digital documents. With this tool, you can convert your RECIPE files to PDF format completely free of cost.





quality conversions

We produce high quality conversions with our open sourced based algorithms and continually optimize to provide the bet possible experience

multiple formats

convert files in multiple formats(20+) with our secure tool, many more formats and features are coming soon

privacy matters

Our servers are highly secure and no one else can access your files except you. We also delete all the uploaded files every 12 hours.

custom options

Our tool allows you to upoad 5 files at once with each being 25MBs maximum. Each file type has its own custom options to choose from.

about RECIPE

At its core, Open recipe is based on the file format called YAML and it was created to address the need for accurate and flexible storage of recipes. The main components of a recipe are its name, ingredient list, and steps that follow to combine all the ingredients. There have been several attempts made to develop a standardized computer recipe format but not even a single one of them has so far proved successful.

about PDF

PDF(short for Portable Document Format) is a file format that was put forth by Adobe in 1992. Since then, It has grown to be one of the most used file formats on the web. PDF files can store data such as text, images, hyperlinks, etc., along with any characteristics they might have, E.g., formatting, layout, fonts, etc. Preserving these characteristics ensures that the file looks (mostly) the same across all platforms. You can read a PDF file using free viewers available all over the internet, one of the most popular of which is Adobe's PDF reader called Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF files can be opened directly in your browser as well. PDF files are not easily editable, as the primary function of pdf files is presenting, not editing. You can create your PDF files using tools like Adobe Reader or other PDF creators/editors found around the web.

how to use

Step 1 :Click the drop-down menu, then select the file format you want to convert between.

Step 2 :Users can drag and drop your files onto the tab to upload them, or click on the tab and select the relevant file to upload. Your files will appear under the "Uploads" section once you've done that.

Step 3 :When you select the "convert" tab located below the section of uploaded files, you will be directed to a website where you can download each file individually or the full section of uploaded files in a zip folder.

Note :

1) We give you the choice to select the file format you want to convert in under the uploaded files of yours that need to be converted, for example, if you want to convert two of the files in another format and the remaining files in another. Once you click the "convert to" tab, a list of file format choices will appear for you to make.

2) You can upload up to 5 files at once, with each file having a maximum size of 50 MB.

3) Users also have access to a feature that lets you upload files, remove them, and then upload additional files as required.

4) Users can access advance features by clicking the settings button provided in the uploaded files section.